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District Improvement Plan


The 2014-2019 Bossier Parish District Improvement Plan was written to set forth goals, objectives and strategies for the advancement of education in the Bossier Parish School System.  The plan was developed through the collaboration of the district administrative staff and community leaders and approved by the Bossier Parish School Board.  The basis for the plan includes data reflecting the current status of the district toward state accountability standards, current student statistics such as attendance and graduation rates, and concerns and opinions of staff, parents, and students.


One area of critical importance to our parents, teachers, students, and community members is the district’s performance on Louisiana’s accountability system.  Louisiana’s system has been recognized for “closing the achievement gaps” for many students.  This system sets forth five achievement levels for students in grades 3-8: Unsatisfactory, Approaching Basic, Basic, Mastery and Advanced. The state’s goal is for all students to be at or above grade level in ELA and math by 8th grade.  In 2014, at the 4th grade level, 93% of Bossier Parish students met the state’s promotional standard and 87% of test-takers in 8thgrade met the standard even though the standards have increased in rigor.


Beginning in 2010 students are administered End-of-Course tests in high school in English II and III, Algebra I, Geometry, US History and Biology.  The 2010 freshman cohort was the first to engage EOC tests as high stakes exams.  Bossier Parish students showed significant growth in students scoring passing scores on every EOC from 2011 to 2014:  English II from 91% to 93%, Algebra 1 from 84% to 87%, and Geometry from 79% to 84%.  Additional EOC tests have been added and currently in English III, 93%; in US History, 94%; and in Biology, 91% of our district students are passing. 


In addition to the high-stakes assessments, students in grades 3, 5, 6, and 7 participate in the iLEAP test, a criterion-referenced test to assess student mastery of required skills and knowledge.  In 2014, the percentages of Bossier Parish students scoring proficiency or above surpassed the state percentages in every grade (3-8) in every tested subject.  We believe that our students have the capacity to be at the top level of the nation in achievement.  Therefore, our actions will reflect this knowledge as we support our students with efforts to raise their levels of performance in all areas.


Beginning in the spring of 2013, all 11th grade students have participated in a statewide administration of the ACT.  Also, all 8th and 9th graders have participated in the EXPLORE assessment and all 10th graders have participated in the PLAN.  The ACT scores for all seniors is now twenty-five percent of the school performance score for high schools.  The composite ACT score for Bossier Parish Schools went from 20.5 to 19.5 in the spring of 2013, which was the first year that all 11th grade students participated in the ACT. 

School Performance Scores are one of the key indicators in Louisiana’s Accountability System.  Schools receive letter grades according to the following scale:


A         SPS of 100 - 150

B         SPS of 85 - 99.9

C         SPS of 70 - 84.9

D         SPS of 50 - 69.9

F          Below 50


This state-wide scale includes schools with selective admissions as well as neighborhood schools. Schools in Bossier, all neighborhood schools, received the following letter grades in 2013: seven schools earned As, thirteen earned Bs, eight earned Cs, and three earned Ds.  Bossier Parish has set forth a plan that builds on the strengths at each grade level.  Schools have implemented the Common Core State Standards in in all grades.  Each school has developed its own school improvement plan to target its unique needs while aligning goals with the district plan.  The district also receives a score from the state.  The district score has risen from 95.6 in 2007 to 102.1 in 2011 to 114.1 in 2014 based on a 200 point scale.  Based on the new 150 point scale the District Performance Score for 2014 was 96.6.


In addition to test results, survey results were used in developing our plan.  Of particular interest was the fact that the two most important areas of instruction as rated by parents and students were teaching thinking skills (90% of parents and 85% of students) and hands-on / active learning (88% of parents and 96% of students)!  The improvement of student achievement is the focus of our district improvement plan.  Meeting the unique needs of each student in core subject areas, helping each child prepare for a bright future, and providing the best possible environment for learning and teaching are the guiding ideas behind our goals, objectives and strategies.  We believe that the two areas identified by parents and students as VERY IMPORTANT—are truly VERY IMPORTANT.  We believe that by focusing on instruction that emphasizes both areas and by providing safe, secure, positive learning environments, we will raise achievement in all areas.


Superintendent D.C. Machen, Jr.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Bossier Parish School System is to increase the academic achievement and workforce skills of all students while preparing them to be responsible and productive citizens through focused teamwork among educators, parents, community members, and students.

Belief and Assumption Statements

We believe that each child is an individual of great worth and is entitled to grow to his/her fullest potential.  Achieving respect for self, for others, and for the values inherent in a democracy is an essential ingredient in the development of the individual.  Enthusiasm for life, good health, and a love of learning should be fostered in a safe, secure, stimulating environment.  The Bossier Parish School Board and the community share the responsibility for providing:

  • an opportunity for each student to progress academically and to achieve workforce skills necessary to compete in a global economy.
  • a chance for each child to use technology to acquire and share information in an ethical manner.
  • experiences that will encourage the development of responsibility and respect among all students to foster their citizenship at home, in school and in the community.
  • opportunities for cooperation and teamwork among educators, parents, community members and students, in meeting the school system's goals and objectives.


Eight National Education Goals have been defined by the Governors and the Congress to improve learning and teaching in the nation's education system. The goals help provide a national framework for education reform and promote systemic changes needed to ensure equitable educational opportunities and high levels of educational achievement for all students.  The Bossier School System has embraced these same eight goals.


Goal I -                      Ready to Learn

Goal II -                     School Completion

Goal III -                    Student Achievement and Citizenship

Goal IV -                    Teacher Education and Professional Development

Goal V-                      Mathematics and Science

Goal VI -                    Adult Literacy and Lifelong Learning

Goal VII -                   Safe, Disciplined, and Alcohol- and Drug-free Schools

Goal VIII -                  Parental Participation


Download the complete Bossier Parish Schools District Improvement Plan to review the objectives, action plan / strategies, and personnel responsible / evaluation / timeline.