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Curriculum in Bossier Schools

The standards in Louisiana and in Bossier Parish Schools are the Louisiana Student Standards. These standards define what students need to know but not how students learn or how teachers teach. Our teachers use the academic standards to develop lesson plans, assignments and assessments that help their students master the knowledge and skills defined by the academic standards.

Louisiana defines academic standards in seven subjects, including English language arts (reading and writing), math, science, social studies, foreign languages, physical education and health.

To access resources to support academic standards please visit the LDOE Academic Standards Library.

The Bossier Parish Schools District’s Curriculum Department has adopted the following areas of focus:

Early Childhood | High-Quality Classroom Instruction 

Leadership development & talent management | High School Pathways

Curriculum Supervisors
Contact Terrie Johnson  Terrie Johnson (318) 549-6179 Supervisor 9-12 Instruction
Contact Emma Jordan  Emma Jordan (318) 549-6180 Supervisor 6-8 Instruction
Contact LauraLee Leflett  LauraLee Leflett (318) 549-6158 Supervisor 3-5 Instruction
Contact Horda Semdani  Horda Semdani (318) 549-6803 Supervisor of Research, Staff Development & PLCs
Contact Linda Thorn-Lewis  Linda Thorn-Lewis (318) 549-6181 Supervisor Pre K-2 Instruction
K-12 Supervisors
Curriculum Coordinators
Contact Christy Bucker  Christy Bucker (318) 549-6176 STEAM Facilitator
Contact Angelique Byrd  Angelique Byrd ESSA Facilitator, Grades 6 - 8
Contact Kay Canal  Kay Canal (318) 549-6162 Curriculum Coordinator 3-5 ELA and Social Studies
Contact Lori Gore  Lori Gore (318) 549-7347 EL Coordinator
Contact Melinda Guest  Melinda Guest (318) 549-6778 ESSA Facilitator, Grades K - 5
Contact Jacob Hesselschwardt  Jacob Hesselschwardt (318) 549-6160 Math Curriculum Coordinator, Grades 6-8
Contact Lisa Kavanaugh  Lisa Kavanaugh (318) 549-6387 ESSA Facilitator, Grades 3 - 5
Contact Cathy Martin  Cathy Martin (318) 549-7341 Title I Instructional Coordinator
Contact Henry Mejia  Henry Mejia (318) 549-6183 Science Coordinator 6-12
Contact Kim Morgan  Kim Morgan (318) 549-7113 ELA Curriculum Coordinator, Grades 6-8
Contact Kristin Mosura  Kristin Mosura (318) 549-6387 ESSA Facilitator, Grades 3 - 5
Contact Lisa Neuman  Lisa Neuman (318) 549-6185 Math and Science Coordinator, Grades 3-5
Contact Ginny Nolen  Ginny Nolen (318) 549-6188 ELA and Foreign Language Coordinator, Grades 9-12
Contact Martha Patten  Martha Patten (318) 549-7340 Staff Development
Contact Paula Self  Paula Self (318) 549-6186 K-2 Curriculum Coordinator
Contact Scarlett Smith  Scarlett Smith (318) 549-7112 PreK Coordinator
Contact Fran Sprankle  Fran Sprankle (318) 549-6189 Curriculum Coordinator, 9-12, Math
Contact Michael Valentine  Michael Valentine (318) 549-6187 Curriculum Coordinator, Social Studies & PE, 6-12
Contact Dawndy Zinnert  Dawndy Zinnert ESSA Facilitator, Grades 6 - 8