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School Feeder Patterns

The following table represents the feeder patterns for all Bossier Schools. Some Elementary Schools feed to two middle and high schools. For these schools, please visit the School Attendance Zones to view the official BPSB attendance boundaries.

Elementary School Middle School High School
Apollo Greenacres Airline
Bellaire (K-3), Curtis (4-5) Elm Grove Parkway
Benton Benton Benton
Bossier Greenacres Airline
Bossier Rusheon Bossier
Central Park Rusheon Bossier
Elm Grove Elm Grove Parkway
Elm Grove Haughton Haughton
Haughton Haughton Haughton
Kerr Rusheon Bossier
Kingston Benton Benton
Legacy Benton Benton
Legacy Greenacres Airline
Meadowview Cope Airline
Plain Dealing Plain Dealing Plain Dealing
Plantation Park Greenacres Airline
Plantation Park Rusheon Bossier
Rodes (PK-1), Platt (2-3), Princeton (4-5) Haugthon Haughton
Stockwell Place Cope Airline
Sun City (PK-3), Curtis (4-5) Elm Grove Parkway
W.T. Lewis Cope Airline
W.T. Lewis Greenacres Airline
Waller Rusheon Bossier