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Registration FAQs

Q: How do I find the zoned school for my child?

A: Use My School Locator to search for schools based on address.

Q: What information do I need to enroll my child?

A: All new students, including kindergarten students, MUST have a certified birth certificate, an up-to-date Louisiana health card (Immunization Record), and proof of residence. New students in Grades 1–12 must also provide the previous school records.

What to Prepare…

  • Photo ID (Driver’s license, State issued ID, or Military ID)
  • Student’s original, state-issued birth certificate
  • Current Louisiana Immunization Record (example)
  • Proof of Residence with your name and address
Q: What are the student residency verification requirements for registration?

A: ALL students must submit the following in order to be enrolled in the Bossier Parish School District:

  1. One (1) current utility bill showing the physical address for service within the District; AND
  2. One (1) of the following that shows the location of residence within the District:
  3. If the student resides with a legal guardian (court-appointed) the court decree must be provided.

ALL students residing with or without a parent /legal guardian in the residence of another adult (1) may submit the documentation listed above to show that the residence is owned or leased by that other adult AND (2) both parent/legal guardian and the property owner/lessee must sign a federal court declaration provided by the school.

If these documents are not available or cannot be readily verified, the registration will be referred to the Residency Verification Committee which may conduct an investigation, including but not limited to an unannounced home visit, to confirm residency for assignment to the proper attendance zone school.

Students without a verified residency within the school’s attendance zone will be temporarily enrolled pending a residency determination by the Residency Verification Committee. In that case, further notice will be provided.


For further information: See Board Policy JBC and/or call Yolanda Jefferson 549-5037 or Courtney Harvey 549-5034

Q: Do I have to complete the online registration in one sitting?

A: The unique email link you receive after entering your email address will remain active for 30 days. Once you start completing the form, the link will remain active until you complete the registration. Your form entries will autosave, so you can revisit the unique URL at any time to complete your registration.

Q: My child is currently enrolled in a Bossier Parish School. Do I need to complete new student registration?

A: A new student is considered any student that does not currently have a Bossier Schools enrollment or any student that is moving attendance zones. If school is currently not in session (summer), this includes any student that DID NOT complete the previous school year.

Q: My child is not currently enrolled but has been enrolled in a Bossier Parish school in the past. Do I still need to complete the new student registration?

A: Yes, even if your student had a previous enrollment but is not currently enrolled, you will need to complete the new student online registration. Based on the information you provided, the office staff will merge your records with the previous enrollments.

Q: What if I can’t complete this form online, is there a paper version?

A: All new student registrations are done online. If you need assistance, please contact your child’s zoned school.